Baby Basics

In the initial months and years of a child’s life, his/her immune system is weaker. The baby tends to be more susceptible to infections and illnesses caused by the outspread bacteria. As the diet holds the importance in the life of a healthy baby, so is the good hygiene practice. At this point of life, the baby catches germs and bacteria more easily, through touching objects that are unclean. The bacteria then travel into the child body, while he or she licks his hand or fingers.

baby crib

In order to ensure, that no harm is coming into the baby’s way, it is important to practice good hygiene. Providing the child with clean food and water is not all that’s important, however, a mother or caretaker must also ensure that the environment of the child is also clean. Never to forget, that the environment does not encompass all the possessions that the baby owns, but also the household objects that are in the range of the baby.
In regard to a baby’s care, efforts need to be taken, to ensure that all the needs of the baby are met on time and in accordance. First of all, you need to focus on the following:

  • The baby’s crib.
  • Your handy changing table.

The baby’s crib:

The baby’s crib is a place where the baby sleeps and spends a good amount of time. The little piece of furniture tends to be the dearest for every baby, where they are provided with toys to play in their active times. Cleaning of the crib is very important. Thus, it is advised to take the cleaning measures twice every week.
Think of adding an extra sheet at night time. Even though, a single sheet can completely soak the urine and is solely enough for the usage, yet one can be removed after the wetting episode, leaving behind a fresh new, dry sheet for the baby to sleep without being disrupted. As mentioned earlier, the crib needs to be cleaned on regular basis, that is, twice every week.

So, for the purpose, take some water and add an infant-friendly detergent in it. Use a sponge/cloth, soaked into the liquid and carefully clean all the edges, corners and surfaces of the crib. Ensure, no area is left unclean. Find and rinse all the traces of feces and spits, as these can allow the building up of bacteria at the specific point, risking the baby’s health. Before you place the bedding again, make sure that the crib is dried completely. Do not place heavy or sharp objects in the crib, as these can hurt the baby, instead, put in books and lightweight toys.

Your handy changing table:

It is important that your handy changing table is ‘well-equipped’ with all the necessary items you may need in the time of emergency. These may include tissues, baby wipes, extra diapers etc. Also keep supplies such as quick-clean-up items.

So, these were some basic, but useful tips, for the mom to-be’s or the ones who have recently started the journey of ‘motherhood’.

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