Choosing the perfect bike of your kids

Are you planning to introduce biking to your child? Then you will need to think about purchasing a kids bike. When you are purchasing a kids bike, you need to pay special attention towards the wheel size, instead of frame size. In fact, you need to determine how comfortable your child feels while he/she is riding the bike. Here are some steps that you can follow in order to select the perfect bike for your child. If you’d like to purchase a bike from our sponsors after reading this article, be sure to visit and read the top 10 best kids mountain bike guide over at

Size of the bike

As mentioned earlier, the size of kids’ bikes are measured by their wheel size. The most popular wheel sizes that you can find in the market include 12”, 16”, 20” and 24”. It is better if you can take your child to the shop before you spend any money to buy it. Then you can ask your kid to sit on the bike and check whether he can stand over the top tube while keeping both feet on the ground. The kid should be in a position to take complete control over the bike. There are some parents who tend to purchase a bike with a larger wheel size as they know that their kids will grow. This can create a negative impact on the confidence and riding skills of your child.

Different types of kids’ bikes

The available kids’ bikes in the market can be divided into several categories. They include:

Balance bikes

This is the simplest form of kids’ bikes available in the market. They don’t come along with a chain or pedals. You can only find the frame that is attached to wheels. These bikes are recommended for the kids who are aged between 2 to 5 years.

Training wheel bikes

These bikes come along with training wheels in order to boost confidence among kids. The training wheels can be removed at any point of time, when the kids feel comfortable.

Trailer bikes’

Trailer bikes can be recommended for the kids who know the basics of riding, but still in need of proper control and balance. They can be attached to your rear rack or seat post. These bikes are recommended for the kids who are aged between 4 to 7 years.

Road bikes

When your kid has some sort of experience in riding bikes, you can think about introducing a road bike to him/her. The road bikes can be purchased in many different sizes and you can simply purchase a one based on the specific requirements of your kid.


Mountain Bikes

The popularity of kids’ mountain bikes has significantly increased throughout the past few years. They usually come along with 24” wheels. These bikes are less expensive when compared to adult mountain bikes, but you can find almost all the features that is there on mountain bikes.

As you can see, many different options are available for the parents who are looking to introduce a bike to the kid. You can think about the requirements of your kid and make the right choice accordingly.

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