Growth of Distance Learning In Universities

Over the past few years the dimension and concept of distance learning has undergone major changes. People are no longer bound by the conventional method of schooling where they had to physically attend regular classes. Even though some courses such as practical courses are not practicable under a distance learning environment, many others are being administered by distance learning.

Distance learning has reached new levels these days and the concept is widely acceptable and more people are joining the new method of learning every day. It is now possible to get advanced distance learning university courses such as MBAs. There are several fields where distance learning courses are offered. The scope of students is also quite wide since people can take distance learning courses in the graduate level, diploma level, and post graduate level.

Distance Learning

Many mainstream courses are available via distance learning including management and some technical courses. Distance learning is a student friendly education system since it gives a student virtually limitless flexibility. The concept of distance learning came up as a result of people wanting to study while still doing other things. One of the activities that have been cited most is working at regular jobs.

Just as expected, distance learning university courses have grown a lot towards management courses. This is because the courses require little hands-on work and a person can easily get a hold of the necessary materials to help him/her study for the course. Universities have varying criteria for admitting students into their distance learning programs. One of the most common requirements for advanced courses is that a person must have graduated from a recognized educational institution. It is easy for students who already have a diploma in a management-related course to enrol for further studies taking advantage of distance learning facilities.

There is one myth about distance learning that students hold. Many students think that a degree certificate from a distance learning program doesn’t have equal value to a certificate received from attending school the traditional way. This is far from the case sine all people, including those who got their degree certificates from distance learning, are awarded a fair opportunity to be employed in multinational companies.

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